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    Default LCD display calibration


    currently what are the recommended LCD calibration system for home user with DSLR? I just got a IPS panel Philips LCD. What are the price range and recommendation?


    any more??

    care to tell me the price and location where to buy.


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    Default Re: LCD display calibration

    You can check the Classifieds for any offers. Spyder2 works fine, Spyder3 will also take into account the ambient light.

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    Cathay is selling these:

    Spyder 3 Pro - $245
    Spyder 3 Elite - $399
    Spyder 2 Express - $159

    I suggest at least get the Spyder 3 Pro.
    I use Spyder 3 Elite, and it allows more adjustments to be made, allowing users to specify black point, luminance, adjust RGB, etc.

    Eye One Display 2 will cost $460 at Bits and Bytes Marketing.

    Both Spyder 3 and Eye One D2 are able to get the job done, so either way you go should be fine. Eye One D2 may be able to report Delta 'E' results (not sure about this), which I think is an advantage.

    Who knows, I may some day sell my Spyder 3 Elite and switch to Eye One D2, or maybe Color Eyes Display Pro with the DTP 94
    So far, Spyder 3 Elite has served me well, so will stick to it for now.

    Color Eyes Pro has good things to say about the Spyder 3 sensor, read here:

    However, Color Eyes Pro still thinks that the DTP-94 is still the best sensor yet:

    Hope you get something you like

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    I use Spyder 2 and Color Eyes Pro... sweet... usual high end controls, plus can add number and location of measuring points in grey scale to smooth out any banding, and tracking of trends in profiles over time including changes in luminance and Delta E, profile validation and repair, amongst other features...


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