Hey guys,

I'm finally back in Singapore after 2 years. Have not been in CS for a long long long long time and is sort of too impatient going through the many many forums and posts (even with search) for the information that I need. Please pardon me once and lead me around.

Anyway, where can I get the best price for developing digital photos? What is the standard market price? How is the quality like? Can they develop panoramic prints? Is there a difference going to different shops to print?

Finally, does CS have a affiliated shop for members where we get good discounts? CS have been around for 2.5-3 years now. If there isn't any, why don't we get this started? We can approach some shops and get them to provide us with discounts. Or if this is not possible, ask them for discounts for discounted bulk development where then CS can organise regular (quarterly maybe or adhoc) mass development exercises. It shouldn't be too hard to gather 5K photos from CS.