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Thread: Marina- Esplanade Photo Shoot

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    Default Marina- Esplanade Photo Shoot

    Hi Guys,

    I have taken some shots at Marina - Esplanade
    - under Esplanade night shot-2 3rd Jan 09

    Most of the pics are set at
    ISO 100~200
    Pixel : Medium quality
    F 4.0 ( range for some of the photos)
    The image i post did not undergo sharpening yet. its Raw.

    Do feel free to post your comments for my output
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    Default Re: Marina- Esplanade Photo Shoot

    I'm puzzled to observe that so many of your shots are blurry. Can't really tell whether it's due to the photos being out-of-focus, because I can't see any element that's really in-focus.

    You should try doing some test shots at home. Maybe place 3 or 4 cans of drink at different distance from the cam. Try to focus on 1 of the cans so that it's sharp. Experiment by focusing on different cans. See how it goes. Good luck! Use tripod to eliminate hand-shake.
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    Default Re: Marina- Esplanade Photo Shoot

    do note that we have gallery forums for posting your images

    the newbies corner forum is not for posting images
    thread closed


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