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    Yoz brudders
    Jus now i went to take some photo near lower seletar in the night. There is light on the building i wan to shoot but it kinda far away. so when i took the pic it turn out very dim or what should i say i cant see the pic as it quite dark. May i know is it the distance of the building or there is not enough light? Or is it the aperture?

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    If its a building, you should use a tripod and set your shutter speed slow. A few seconds should do the trick.
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    If its scenry leh

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    if picture turns out dark, means not enough light entering.
    regardless of wat you're shooting, if it's too dark (esp at night), a tripod is a must.

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    What is your setting? eg: ISO, Apperture, Speed .. check the exif of the picture for these info.
    What time is your shot?

    Sounds like this case is a "totally new to dslr" type. So the easy way out is to set to P mode or the Scenes if your camera have that.
    Then check their setting and remember those and try to re-produce using other mode such as A-mode or S-mode.
    What is your Auto Exposure mode? Matrix? Spot? Using wrong setting cause problem too.

    If with P mode you find out that the shutter close very long time, you need a tripod. Normally half a sec is already too slow for hand held.
    If there is no tripod, you can try other way to stabilize like put camera on table, on parked car (machine turned off so there is no vibration).
    You may also to increase your ISO to 400 or above.
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    try to set highter ISO and lower speed i believe it will help

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    Get a tripod, set up the camera
    Set camera to M and evaluative metering (and mirror lockup enable, and maybe cover the eyepiece)
    set ISO at 400, aperture as wide as you can (assuming you're using kitt lens) and shutter speed 2 sec. Take a pic
    If it is still dark, then reduce the shhutter speed (longer, 3sec, 4sec etc) or increase ISO to 800 > 1600
    Do it until you get a setting that gives you the picture that you want, than snap 10 more so that hopefully you'll get one that's a keeper (use the burst mode if you can)
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    First of all.... go understand how the camera meter works and how you should get the picture you want.
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    Quote Originally Posted by quiksive View Post
    If its scenry leh
    As long as its nothing moving, you set your shutter low low, and use a timer function or a remote control to trigger the shutter. Make sure you have a tripod.
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    For night photogpaphy, your metering mode can be fooled easily.
    First of all, understanding the performance and limitation of your camera is important.
    Next, tripod is a must, if not, try to find a spot to rest your camera on firmly and safely.
    Try this exposure, use Manual Mode, ISO100, f8, 15" to 30". Turn off whatever VR or IS function on the lens to avoid introduction of additional vibration.
    Set self-timer to prevent shaking the camera. That should help.
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    experiment with the settings would be my best answer.

    here is mine handheld using shutter priority taken yesterday.

    never did notice that at the side of Sim Lim Square got chinese letterings.
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    Loom at the forum, 'zoosh' has published "Guide: About Exposure" in 3 parts. Understand what exposure means and what factors are there to influence. Next, learn how to set these factors in your camera, your manual will help here. Just fiddling with whatever setting there are will not help much. You need to know what your are doing.
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