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Thread: In what circumstances should I use a UV filter?

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    My Hoya seems uncoated. Exactly like a mirror, only its see-thru. Reflection very very strong.

    By the way, my UV filter is named UV GUARD. Any idea?
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    Quote Originally Posted by oeyvind
    I find that Hoya HMC/Ultra/SHMC/Pro1 UV has a yellowish tint, whereas B+W MRC does not.

    Try overlay the filters on a white piece of paper, you will see what I meant.
    Strange, mine is the opposite. The 010 Haze MRC has a warmer tint compared to the HMC UV that I have.

    Anyway, just compared the reflections if anyone's interested. MRC and SHMC both have purple reflections and the HMC has green reflection. Purple sure looks a lot nicer and classier.

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