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Thread: Archive: from the old newbie guide.

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    Default Re: Archive: from the old newbie guide.

    Travel & Variety - The Tai-Kadai and Mon-Khmer region

    Thailand: averynkh, cullenjeremy, hosea, hASHbrown_kopitiam, gosu john, binbeto, SniperD, heckcare.der, RodelFMiguel, heheapa, artofshuenalogy, S11loop, jamie-vai, voldisinarta
    Thailand (salon): nik34
    Bangkok: ahandre, wxwayne, StrifeYun
    Nakhon Pathom: Override2Zion
    Chiangmai: feimao07
    Lahu, Thailand, Chiangrai: yehosaphat
    Phuket: melnjes, chenws
    Cambodia: various, sebastiansong, asturias105, torife, futagoza, giantcanopy, lightning, m00nman26, de5truction, Montmelo, Darcy.Zhou, glennboi
    Cambodia, Siem Reap & Angkor Wat: de5truction, blowblue, tomshen, nizz (1), (2), picture, Hosea, mohgui, arttl (1), (2), hongsien, oeyvind, actionman, mudsoap, novello76, zaren, kiumjoon, Golgotha, blackandwhite, yamcake
    Cambodia, Kbal Spean: vivian
    Cambodia, Tonle Sap: vivian
    Cambodia, Phnom Penh: eugene_,
    Cambodia, Phnom Penh, Prison S21: speck
    Laos: Hosea, tomshen, lestwe4get, oeyvind, AReality, chaltan, nuts, Norman_ng, nuts, 2point8


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    Default Re: Archive: from the old newbie guide.

    Travel & Variety - The Yueh region

    Yueh (Guizhou, Jiangxi & Hunan): boochap, knoxknocks, lestwe4get
    Guangxi: TMLH, ronnie_sjr
    Vietnam: Will03, CKW, kiumjoon, toapayoh, haechoo
    Northern Vietnam: crossing bridge 3, tomshen, alechim (1), (2), (3), sponge, casey4355
    Sapa and Hanoi: Andry, wormz777, astroboy, yangbeng, pokiemon, Umeiko, wildstallion
    Central Vietnam: Brand, ckuan, Ben Goh, cepheus
    Southern Vietnam: Azure, Ah_Seng, taymw
    Taiwan & Fujian: henrylim, Scaglietti, plastic, jeff (1), (2), plastic 1, 2, artofshuenalogy, Faithful Tiger, Janice 1, 2, Hosea, adrianling, Antonio Papago, kiumjoon, viclam, darakusan, starysnow
    Taiwan & Fujian: alidarbac (flickr blog, map, nanfangao, Keelung, xinzhuang, sanxia, dongshan, beipu, toucheng & guishan island)
    Taiwan, Keelung, Kanzihding: C Dova
    Taiwan, Taipei: blackandwhite
    Taiwan, Taichung: vivian
    HK, Macau, Guangdong, Hainan: enivre, Crossing bridges 2005, hkdigit (1), (2), (3), (4), (5), Coliseum, BurgaFlippinMan, night86mare 1, 2, zivlai, ricleo (1), (2), SniperD, GOMUS, Chlee, joho, gohaj, Shootz, Klose, id8, night86mare, jamelaw, moments, Bcool, Parka, Scyiong, Manda
    Guangzhou: wintertide
    Macau: moments
    Fujian, Shantou and Xiamen: Wolfgang


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    Default Re: Archive: from the old newbie guide.

    Travel & Variety - The Burmese and Yunnanese region

    Myanmar - shuttergraphy, Autocratic sunset & Pagan, saltandlight, alansoon, tomshen, satcat, lestwe4get, nuts, willyfoo, Hosea, Ah_Seng
    Yunnan, Lijiang: tomcat, nuts
    Yunnan, Tengchen (Diqing), Feilai monastery: kloud
    Yunnan, Drichu: vincent1999
    Yunnan, Kawagarbo: vincent1999
    Yunnan, Zalaqueni: vincent1999
    Yunnan, Dongchuan laterite: lestwe4get
    Yunnan, Luoping: lestwe4get
    Yunnan, Yuanyang, Akha Rice Terraces: lestwe4get, boochap


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    Default Re: Archive: from the old newbie guide.

    Travel & Variety - The Tibetan region

    Yunnan & Szechuan - Jeff, block306, drake336, luosangjian et al, vincent1999 (1), (2), (3), hosea, kloud
    (luosanjian et al includes luosangjian, melvynyeo, ashng0, your18, sengyam, stevepow)
    Szechuan: LOTUSfairy & CYRN, Big Kahuna, binbeto
    Szechuan, Chengdu: actionman
    Szechuan, Emei: actionman
    Szechuan, Wanzhou: mingxu999
    Szechuan, Langmusi: hosea
    Tibet & Qinghai: nuts, hosea, eikin, Jia Wang (1) & (2), exhibitj (1), (2), (3), wiskiz, ZeroDivine 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, CKW, Shuttergraphy, oeyvind, jeffhiew, wiskiz, ckc, ckw, swizard
    Tibet, Namtso lake: hosea
    Bhutan: speedblade
    Nepal: jaxxb, Jiven, ~Dolphin~, CliffSnap, Jeff, Drac, foreverlovex, limkopi, Drac, kenkoh
    Ladakh: thl, aichap, redoxsim, AReality, oeyvind Hemis, Manali-Leh highway, Leh, Shuttergraphy
    Kashmir: AlexMoi, nuts


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    Default Re: Archive: from the old newbie guide.

    Travel photography by locations

    I grouped them by culturogeographical locations where people with more racial and cultural similarities are grouped together. Regions around Singapore are divided more distinctly as more of us are travelling to these locations.

    The Archipelago
    The Tai-Kadai and Mon-Khmer region
    The Yueh region
    The Burmese and Yunnanese region
    The Tibetan region
    Central Asia
    East Asia
    South Asia
    Middle East, Africa and Central/South America
    East, North and Central Europe
    West Europe
    Canada and USA
    Beach, Resorts and Islands

    Travel related threads
    - festivals
    - trekking coverages
    - travel portraits
    - coverage of specific locations.

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    Default Re: Archive: from the old newbie guide.

    Earthy tones and architectural nostalgia
    All eikin's thread are so good that i find it endless to list because there are so many separate threads without a centralised linkage.
    A good way is to visit the primary pbase which i presume would have all the photos, or one can visit his daily update of selective photos (he is a conscientious diligent photographer).

    I think i will put some of them here as direct links.
    Tokyo, Odaiba お台場
    Tokyo, Odaiba お台場, Statue of liberty
    Tokyo Shinjuku Gyoen 新宿御苑
    Tokyo St. Mary's Cathedral 東京カテドラル聖マリア大聖堂
    Tokyo Musashino Art University 武蔵野美術大学
    Tokyo International Forum 東京国際フォーラム
    Tokyo Prada
    Tokyo Musashi Koganei 武蔵小金井
    Tokyo Musashi Koganei 武蔵小金井 and Kichijioji Park 吉祥寺公園 Hanami
    Tamagawa River 多摩川
    Saitama Heirin Monastery 埼玉県 平林寺
    Hakone 箱根
    Kawaguchiko 河口湖
    Yokohama Aka Renga Warehouse Museum 横浜赤レンガ倉庫
    Yokohama Harbour Opening Anniversary Fireworks 横浜開港祭
    Yokohama Chinatown 横浜中华街
    Yokohama International Passenger Terminal 横浜港大さん橋国際客船ターミナル
    Tottori Sand Dunes 鳥取砂丘
    Nagano Tour 3 Yatsugatake International Nature School forest walk 長野八ヶ岳 国際自然学校
    Nagano Tour 6 Otomedaki Fall at Tateshina Park 長野蓼科パークの乙女滝
    Nagano Tour 7 Shirakabako + Grape Vineyard visit 長野白樺湖葡萄狩り
    Shikoku 四国
    Showa Memorial Park, Autumn 国営昭和記念公園の秋
    Hokkaido - Sapporo, Nopporo, Kushiro 北海道 - 札幌, 野幌, 釧路
    Japanese cakes (okashi)
    Dandelion, Flowers
    Moonlight on mid-autumn festival
    Grey herons, Red-crowned Cranes, Japanese White-eye

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    Default Re: Archive: from the old newbie guide.

    Good threads to view in this forum and beyond

    Good pictures are endless from Ansel Adams to a working professional to an unknown amateur, and are more than what one can finished viewing. I do my own collection of links when i come across them, and if i make reference to something i like - at least i can go back to it rather easily. Also by grouping them, sometimes it helps to make one see better of the similarity or differences, and various possibilities over a subject. I can this would be helpful to others too, as well as an encouragement to those who works are linked here.

    Quotes from famous photographers

    "I have been a witness, and these pictures are my testimony. The events I have recorded should not be forgotten and must not be repeated." - James Nachtwey

    These statements are dedicated to some of those online conspiracy theorists who declined all evidences from the entire photojournalist industry as naive, fabricated and biased so that they can have their own stories and interpretations, just based on a few doctored photographs from unestablished resources. I hope they know who is really the one risking their lives to be in touch with the victims of racial and ultranationalistic chauvinism.

    Photography "must not try to be persuasive. It cannot change the world, but it can show the world, especially when it is changing." - Marc Riboud

    My favourite
    p.s. I categorized by mood and style rather than just the subject.

    Press Photography
    world press photo . org
    UK - Reuters
    USA - James Nachtwey

    Documentary Photography
    Japan / USA - Matsui Tim
    China - 吕楠 Lu Nan, more pics here.
    USA - Steve McCurry
    USA - Susan Meiselas
    France - Henri Cartier-Bresson
    France - Marc Riboud, intro
    Kenya / USA - Fazal Sheikh
    South Africa - Pieter Hugo
    Singapore - Terence Teo

    Travel & Variety Photography
    France - Olivier Follmi and Danielle Pons
    France - Claude Renault
    France - Eric lafforgue
    UK - Richard I'Anson
    Switzerland / Singapore - Felix Hug
    Danish-Norwegian - Anna Kari
    Czech - Jan Sochor
    USA - Frans Lanting
    USA - Anthony Kurtz
    USA - Phil Borges
    Japan / USA - Yamashita Michael
    Tibet - Tenzin Dorjee
    Tibet - The Tibetan Students' Photography Project

    Lifestyle Photography
    USA - Joel Sartore (and Nature photography)
    USA - Tealia Ellis Ritter
    USA - Anthony Kurtz
    USA - Julie Walton

    Wedding Photography
    UK - Jeff Ascough
    Italy - Carlo Carletti

    Babies Photography
    Australia - Anne Geddes

    Still life Photography
    Czech - Josef Sudek, booklet

    Commercial, Fashion & Variety Photography
    Japan - 蜷川実花 Ninagawa Mika
    Netherlands - Nicoline Patricia Malina
    China / Singapore - Zhang Jingna
    Singapore - John Clang

    Modern & Fine Art Photography
    Germany - Jan Von Holleben
    Taiwan - 張乾琦 Chang Chien-Chi
    Blog - Asian Photography by Chng Yaohong

    Nature Photography
    Japan - 江口愼一 Eguchi Shinichi
    Japan - 米美知子 Yone Michiko Spring Summer Autumn Winter
    Japan - 丹地敏明 Tanji Toshiaki

    Landscape Photography
    England - Adam Burton
    Canada - Patrick Di Fruscia

    Wildlife Photography
    USA - John Shaw
    USA - Steve Cirone

    A photo a day
    melnjes, Ah_K, night86mare

    Slideshows & Calender
    wansheng (w.s), calender 2008 (nuts)

    Blogs and galleries
    Some forumer's solid homepages: fisheye, vivian, wansheng (w.s), wolfgangsteiner, hazmee, dslang, zerodivine, arttl

    Surreal Landscapes - the HDR and the non-HDRs
    JCYRHS - flickr, edeno photography blog, recent works (may not work on opera), archives (may not work on opera)

    Digital retouch artwork
    Poland - Andrzej Dragan (portraits)
    Poland - Marcin Stawiarz (general)
    France - Julie Rey (general)


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