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Thread: Fresh from the oven...

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    Talking Fresh from the oven...

    Hi everyone! Joined this forum a few minutes ago, and I'm a strict newbie!
    Worse still, I also consider myself a newbie in the photography department.

    Actually I found this site because I was searching for photographs of the urban
    landscape of Singapore. To be frank, I particularly love urbanity and high-rises,
    and for this reason, I seriously started picking up photographic skills about a
    year ago in other to contribute to a website dedicated to high rise buildings
    ( Yeah I am the SOLE editor and contributer for Singapore! )
    I also joined an international highrise forum (
    where I found myself fighting to showcase our city using photos against tonnes
    of people out there (we usually end up showing more then just buildings of coz).
    We have only about 2-3 dedicated Singaporean forumers there, so the pressure
    to take good photos is very high indeed!!

    I am still using my first consumer-level digital camera I bought back in the year
    2000, a Sony DSC-F55V. I do hope to move up to a digital SLR, but the high
    cost will most likely mean that I can only invest in it when I graduate! Now, I
    can only make do with what I have, and try to work around its limitations, the
    biggest grouse of which is the lack of optical zoom.

    That is all for this introductory post (and I hope my honesty in explaning my
    presense will not be met with hostility! ). As a welcome gift to myself, this
    photo was taken by me on the 7th of August this year, and composed of 6
    photos. Any comments please? Thanks!
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    Hi, welcome to clubsnap. You have a nice pic there, a refreshing composition in contrast to the conventional ones. Exposure is alright, and the blue tint makes it different from the conventional orangy shots. The image size is a bit too big though. For posting in clubsnap or any other forums, best to resize to about 500-600 px for the longest dimension. That makes the pic easier to be seen full frame on most computer screens.

    Show us more of your skyscraper pics! The resized ones, of course.

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    Heheh finally u are here bro. Guess u know who i am.
    Anway good to see another guy going into photography.

    Hmm the pic is ok except for the noise level there. Maybe its due to long exposure. But i must say the stitching is quite good, seamless. For the exposure wise, if ur camera allows, u could set it to manual/AP and expose all pics using the same overall acceptable value. This will ensure that the pics look evenly exposed when stiched together. There are some patches in the night sky that showed unevenness which could be due to exposure differences from individual pics. Overall still very nice i must say.

    Perhaps u might wanna invest in an slr and start getting some wide angle primes which wont cost u too much unlike those wide zoom while giving u good pictures with little distortions. And film can tolerate long exposures without much grain issues as long as the film used has relatively low iso value . Try slides also, u wont regret it. With those pics that u love, perhaps u could get it scanned using a negative/slide scanner. Or easier still send it to a good colour centre and have them scan it for u. With that u can get them upoloaded on the web. Of cos if u can afford it and wanna start with DSLR straight, its good too. But i hope u will try film slr too, the quality and feel is different. I personally have switched from digital back to film and meanwhile hoping a digital body which can produce colours with dynamic range as wide as the film is released while keeping prices down to earth. Till then i will get a digital body. But i doubt i will forsake film. Call me old fashion, but i just have a "thing" for film.

    One thing for sure is that a DSLR can speed up ur learning curves and also help u cut down on expenses for developing, but the initial cost is high and depreciation rate is also very high. Have to take care of the CMOS too as it attracts dust like magnets. But the advantage of instant review of the picture taken and deleting on the spot of those that u dont want is simply irrestible to many including myself. There are always the pros and cons, and we can debate forever between film/digital without a conclusion. But one thing is for sure and that is digital will stay.

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    Hi huaiwei,

    Welcome to clubsnap

    Pls adhere to the post guidelines and resize your image

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    Thanks everyone!

    That picture was kept so huge intentionally (in fact, the original was many many times bigger), because the idea
    was such that you can scroll and fit the CBD skyline itself within your screen minus the Esplanade foreground.
    It is just an intentional visual effect, and forces you to look at the various elements of the photo rather then
    the overall look.

    Anyhow, dunt worry. I will certainly comply with the image size rules, and wont be posting huge photos like this
    normally! The only forseeable exception could be panoramic photos?

    I will be posting more of my shots in the galleries I suppose. A sample of my normal posting size should be like
    this one of Millenia Tower:

    Tweek, my camera normally produces a bluish tint, which I am not too happy with usually actually! It seems to produce
    cold-looking night shots, compared to the yellowish glow I have seen in other camera models.

    alloy, yes I can tell who you are, despite not being familiar with your "civilised" English here, if you know what I mean!
    Thanks for those tips. I do hope to move up to DSLR as soon as prices go down to palatable levels, and my personal
    preferences meant I doubt I will be getting a film one any time soon. I suppose I will just have to learn to work around
    the limitations of the digital cameras.
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    Resize your first photo.

    Panaromic images can be shown in smaller sizes also with a link to the actual image. Same way applies if you want to show original sized photos.

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    This should do the trick.
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    What is skyscrapercity forum about?

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    Quote Originally Posted by huaiwei
    Thanks everyone!

    Tweek, my camera normally produces a bluish tint, which I am not too happy with usually actually! It seems to produce
    cold-looking night shots, compared to the yellowish glow I have seen in other camera models.
    Maybe your white balance setting is off?


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