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Thread: Hello fellow sutterbugs

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    Smile Hello fellow sutterbugs

    Hi fellas,

    I'm Sunny and I come from India. I have come to Singapore on work purposes. Landed in Singapore, within 3 days I bought myself a 450D because of all the beauty around!

    I had a Kodak P880 before, which I considered an almost-SLR camera. Unfortunately I got pretty angry with myself and decided to fist the camera thus the camera was dead. So have finally bought a replacement.

    Currently I have a 450D with 18-55 Kit lens, 55-220 IS lens and a lowerpro bag, all of which bought from ClubSNAPpers Looking to get a good prime lens and complete my lens collection. I also want to meet up with fellow members and learn to take better pictures as well Unfortunately right now I have a work schedule of 10 to 12 all 7 days. Hence the only time I get to shoot pictures is in the night

    Here are a few samples I have shot in the night. Hoping to get better in the art of photography


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    Default Re: Hello fellow sutterbugs

    Hello Sunny...welcome.
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    welcome sunny and happy new year
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    Cool Re: Hello fellow sutterbugs

    welcome !!

    Night photography is fun too. get a tripod & shoot it away !!

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    Hiya sunny!

    Congrats in joining CS! My friend from India told me electronic stuff is cheaper here in Singapore than in India, by a large margin ya?

    Besides your prime, soon you'll be itching for ultra wide angle, and then super telephoto zooms, and then FF cameras once u realise your current cam cannot handle the noise as well as FFs.

    Happy spending!
    I've like paid for several months instalments for the camera shop owners' maserati and Ferraris already, while I myself take MRT... somethin is seriously wrong here..... Maybe I should open a camera shop myself and get someone else to pay for my Lamborghini....

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    Hello sunny welcome to CS
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