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Thread: 1ST try of HDR

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    I recently start the interests of HDR photos, alto i have done quite some research and experiments, i failed alot of times. however the following photo is the most successful ones. can anyone help me to comment whether the photo met the HDR standard?? Thank you for viewing and you precious time

    need some help to get rid of some noise in the photo, alto i shoot in RAWs

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    yeah..i tink after the noise it will look even nicer.
    though personally i believe that ur photo is great..
    love the look of the stairs against the HDR-ed skies.

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    Default Re: 1ST try of HDR's really nice.....thanx for sharing...but i got a noob question....are HDR pictures suppose to look like paintings ? or they are suppose to look real but with all the dramatic details and effects ?? i know it's subjective but clearer explanation maybe ? thanx alot...

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    Default Re: 1ST try of HDR

    the newbie forum is not a gallery
    please post your images in the respective gallery forum

    thread closed

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