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    Default Wide converter len

    I tired out a wide converter 0.42x (not Canon brand) on G3 and found out that it doesn't provide any wider view on G3. When I zoomed out, realized a dark ring formed around the viewer..
    Without the wc, I can have a wider view on the G3..
    Hmm.. So no point getting the wc..

    Purchased a tele converter (original Canon converter).. managed to incease the 4x to 7x on G3..
    Not bad.
    For digital zoom, at 7.1x, the magnification is the same as 14x without the tc.

    One question:
    Is it better to capture the photo at 4x and magnify it to 14 with Photoshop or using the camera to capture 14x directly? Which method will produce better results?

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    that wideangle converter is probably meant for a video camera. there're some good ones around that should work great (e.g. Olympus WCON07). would you want to consider the one I was selling? It was meant for the Sony F707 and the quality is good. The rear element is also very big and would likely eliminate any vignetting (dark corners.

    I could let you try if you're interested. no obligation to buy but must find a convenient time to meet
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