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Thread: Macro lens for newb?

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    Default Macro lens for newb?

    Hi im intending to focus on macro photography and currently own a d40 kit... and reco for a macro lens that aint too expensive and is good? im just a student so i dun have enough money to get a good lens yet =X i dun mind the weight and whether is it a 3rd party lens...

    another question i have is, can i keep my camera and lens in my camera bag, put a few packs of silicon gel in and just leave it there? will it grow fungus?

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    tamron 90mm f/2.8..

    you can get it at around 450 or so from buy/sell section.. possibly the good and affordable macro lens running around.. (not sure if you can autofocus on your d40x though)

    or you can get close up filters with your current lens setup.. though you sacrifice on quality of the bokeh and sharpness of the image..

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    hmm im still quite new to photography and dunno about bokeh and stuff... but thanks for the advice ^_^ ill check out the lens out


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