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Thread: Using Sony F717 need advise

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    Default Using Sony F717 need advise

    Today I was taking photos for my sister's ROM. For one thing, the action was going to fast for me to be tinkering with the manual controls (or at least I didn't know how to do that in a quick way). All my manual pictures (haphazardly adjusted) turned out too fuzzy/blur. Then I switched to Automatic and I have a different set of problems. The flash caused reflections on the face and white dress, and also somehow the pictures don't look very sharp either. Even when I snapped some flowers under low light, it didn't turn out very well when I had time to tinker with the manual controls. I find that somehow the pictures don't seem to work for me under low light conditions.

    If there's anyone who is using F717 and can give me some advise, I will be very grateful. As you can see, I'm a newbie at this.


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    Regarding the blur/fuzzy pics it's either due to camera/hand shake, or the subject moving too fast for the shutter speed to 'freeze' its movement. As silly as this might sound, proper holding and handling techniques might help.

    The Auto mode worked pretty fine for me back then when I was using this camera. But I didn't use the in-built flash that much and have little experience with ROM shoots so I don't think I could help on the other issue that you have.


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