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Thread: old lenses general problems.

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    Default old lenses general problems.

    hi, i have have been look ard on the net to see the problems with older lenses and came up with lens creep, hazzy optics, oil on shutter leaves and mould.
    now i know after reading that mould might not be able to be removed completely but its always good to let sunshine into ur lens once in awhile for a more or less cure for mould.

    for hazzy lenses i guess can get it serviced?

    what about lens creep? any cure?

    and oil on shutter leaves ( aperture blades) i noe that its possible to get it cleaned but what if its on the lens(oil) ? unlikely? i have noticed that there is one pic onlone that has oil like substance on the front optics? how is this possible?

    and where can all this be done in singapore?

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    Default Re: old lenses general problems.

    anyone ?


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