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Thread: Save Passion 99.5FM radio Channel!!!

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    Default Save Passion 99.5FM radio Channel!!!

    Hi pple,

    i'm not one who posts threads dat often unless there's sucha need.
    There is this need now - a very urgent one.

    Save passion 99.5 petition

    pls sign this petition!
    its for a worthy cause!
    if u will, i'll be indebted to u if u cld take dat extra step forward and help me forward this petition to all ur frens.
    thx alot!

    I really love this radio channel, and it doesnt help dat it exists in sucha realistic place like singapore.
    Now its gonna be taken off air end of this yr simply because the sponsor has decided not to continue its sponsorship/
    would u please kindly, take a min or two, head over to the site and assist me in my attempt to save this Superb radio channel.

    If u love jazz, a cappella, chinese instrumental, world music, local music and all things to do with art,
    u'll love this channel.
    Tune in please because it might not be around anymore come beginning of next year.
    Boost its ratings and perhaps, perhaps there might just be a miracle.

    Thx Thx!!! HAve a brilliant day!

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    holy cow!
    upz for you!

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    Upz for u!!!!!!!!!

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    Default Thank YOU

    thank you so much guys,
    i really appreciate this!

    thx a mill once again~

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    Default upz


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    Default upz


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