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Thread: How to Clean Lense contact points?

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    Hi guys,

    Today my camera decided to act up. Now I can't shoot in P, Tv, Av, M and A-dep. Which is the side of the dial that I only use!!! The shutter sort of fires but doesn't 'finish' as if shooting in bulb. Only way to solve it is to switch off the camera or change to another shooting mode. HELP! I suspect that it is because I change lense very often and the contacts between the lense and the camera mount is dirty. Question is how to clean it? Would appreciate your advise. If its not dirty contacts then it must be something more serious. My 'smart' wife threw my camera bag onto the back seat of the car before it happened, so that could be another reason. Tried taking out the batt a few times but it doesn't work. Tonight I want to shoot some fireworks somemore. Thanks
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    Rubber eraser

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    1. Turn off the camera.

    2. Locate either an ordinary wooden pencil, the kind that has a rubber eraser on the end, OR, a stenographers correctional pencil, the kind that had a rubber eraser tip and nylon bristles at the top. The goal is to use the eraser to clean the surface of the contacts.

    3. In a brightly lit, clean, dry, safe place, remove the lens from the camera.

    4. Use the eraser end to gently but firmly wipe over the surface of the electrical contacts and remove old surface oxidation. First, clean the contacts on the Lens. Then, clean the contacts on the camera. As you do this, try to hold the lens and the camera in such a way so that any micro-crud won't fall back into the lens cavity or into the camera cavity.

    5. After giving all the contacts a good wiping over with the eraser, try gently blowing them with one of those hand-held rubber blowers. And/or brushing them with nice soft bristle brush. But DONT touch them with your fingers, since that would add oils from your hand to the surface of the contacts.

    Hope that helps. You can try YouTube for videos.
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    Thanks for the help/ Happy New Year to you all


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