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Thread: How would you respond when

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    Default How would you respond when

    when your colleagues (peer) says to you, in a bullish tone, "I don't care, you have to do [this task] for me even it is not your job."

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    Well, if just col, I will tell him/her that i will TRY.

    Try = maybe will do , maybe will not do. If cannot do, too bad tell him/her again, I "did" TRIED.

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    Default Re: How would you respond when

    yes, try is a good word to use.
    when results are not as expected, you can always shoot back if you're that particular, why don't you do it yourself ?
    lack of time is just another lame excuse...

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    And I'd make sure I sent him an email detaling that "as you requested me to do so, I will attempt this task. However, please be aware that it is not my field of specialization, and as such I cannot guarantee the results you may be seeking."

    Just as a CYA statement.


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