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Thread: Those season greetings sms ....

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    Default Those season greetings sms ....

    1. How many of you actually "design" those fanciful season greetings sms or you simply use one of those received to forward/reply to ppl?

    2. Do you send out season greetings sms to people?.... If yes, usually to who....

    3. When you receive one from a no. that you do not know, do you reply? call to find out who was that?

    4. Do you find it totally a waste of time, resource, etc ?
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    Default Re: Those season greetings sms ....

    used to be a fad, now is a chore. when you travel you will know what i mean. If people send you mms season's greetings when you are abroad, good luck!

    But it is a kind way of going green as there will be less trees to chop and the post men have a more pleasant holiday.

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    Default Re: Those season greetings sms ....

    fren of mine sells those for a living....for me I "leech" and forward those I find amusing or appropriate...

    but the biggest headache is receiving Ad sms when overseas....happened before..
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    Default Re: Those season greetings sms ....

    1. no

    2. yes, only if they bother to send me...

    3. never pick up pone call from unknown numbers

    4. to forward season greetings is a bit waste of time, cause no point send the same message back to the original sender


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