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well... i am definitely not suggesting you to be a pirate =P

but i personally feel that post photography is something important, though not necessary, and the few hundred bucks software (got free with laptop purchase from sch) helps me to work with raw, merge HDR images, noise reduction, and lots more. you can check out other posters.

besides, it is easy to learn and most will agree that the 80/20 rule applies. 80% of the effects can be achieved from using 20% of the features =)

p/s: the next best thing is to get some teacher/student to purchase Adobe CS web Premium 4. Heard tt it is offered at $99 for NIE. (definitely a steal)
Will look in it.
Might do a "Capt Jack Sparrow" if needed.

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GIMP is your next best friend
Nice.... Thanks.

U know... U regular members are much better help then some senior members.
Appreciate all ur kind advices and patience.