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Thread: Newbie here~ Pls comment on my first attempt @ photography. Thx

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    Default Re: Newbie here~ Pls comment on my first attempt @ photography. Thx

    Qns... If the background is too bright and the foreground too dark. How could i compensate the lightning? As in darkening the background and brightening the foreground. Use fill-in flash + diffuser.

    Another Q... Should i remain 18-55 or upgrade my lens to a 18-200. As in trade in my 18-55 58mm +700sgd for 18-200 76mm lens. As the lens circumference is bigger i would be able to have a wider angle lens. Any advice? Thats what i did because I hate to change lens. Just note that 18-55 normally have slightly better image quality and lesser distortion. Once bought, you might feel reluctant to buy fast zoom lens (18-50 f2.8 + 70-200 f2.8) in future.

    Also what is the difference between 18-55 3.5~5.6 vs 17-50 2.8?
    Read up on a bit of the lens but got confused along the way. f2.8 is constant throughout the entire zoom range. The advantages are you gain more stops of light and bokeh effect.

    I know lens like 50~200 4.x~5.6 are telephoto/zoom lens and 60mm 1.8 are macro lens.
    Sorry i do not know the exact figures.. Too many different lens in the market. So what are you asking? I will not spoonfeed on this.

    Also i'm keeping my camera in a tupperware along with 2 small packet of silicon.
    Any advice on storage? Should i go for a dry cabi? dry box? And should i get styroform for my tupperware for safety reason? If you got the $, please go for a dry cabi for a peace of mind. Really up to you what you want to put inside the box for safety.

    Sorry for the longwinded post. Hope i can get something out of it =)

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    Default Re: Newbie here~ Pls comment on my first attempt @ photography. Thx

    Photography is not only about the technical/skill bit, but also this artistic/creative part to make the picture attractive to viewer. In this sense, all your pictures, except maybe #3, fail to make viewer want to take a second look.

    Got this shot off the web to highlight the value of artistic delivery of roadside leaves on a branch. Maybe we can learn something here?
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    Default Re: Newbie here~ Pls comment on my first attempt @ photography. Thx

    Quote Originally Posted by frostiee View Post
    Not sure why 1600ISO works for me. Maybe gotten a lucky shot.

    Anyway... From what you guys said... 18~200 not that advisable? 17~50 tamrom lens more worth it? How much is it anyway?
    And if i would to sell off my 18~55. How much could i sell it off for?
    For actual pricing i would recommend you check the stickies under canon/nikon. i got it a week ago for $630 with a $50 shopping voucher.

    not really so much of a matter of advisable or not, but a question of your usage.

    do you have a habit of taking photos at 18mm and the 50mm range of your camera. then composition wise... you might be trying to capture compositions that you cant with the kit lens range.

    perhaps what you dont need is a 17-50mm as replacement, but rather,
    perhaps 10-22mm range and another 24 - 85/105mm range.

    It all depends on what you shoot and how you like to compose your shots.
    you dont want to get the 17-50mm and realise someday that you need to take ultrawide angle shots and have to buy another lens that will probably do half of what your 17-50mm covers, but you end up carrying both all the time.

    if you are still not clear of what you want... then take more and leave money spending to a later time =)

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