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Thread: Red filter for underwater digital photography

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    Talking Red filter for underwater digital photography

    Hi guys,

    am going diving tomorrow evening and just got myself a WP-DC700 casing for my Canon A70. Now I am looking for a red filter for this and I read on the net that there are some red filters that I can cut to shape so I could insert them inside my underwater casing....was wondering if anyone here know where I can get some of these "cuttable" filters....I assume that it is like plastic wrap type of material so I could cut them....

    Anyhelp at all please...thanks!!

    Just did more research....realised that they are called gel filters....anyone with any knowledge to share? Esp where to get them in singapore....
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    do u mean those used by studios lighting? if i am not wrong, it is a bit expensive, and mostly comes in large size?
    maybe try out those shops like cp or ruby?

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    I see pics of some here...

    just scroll down a little.... dunno if cathay got or not...


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