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Thread: The "Contrast" issue

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    Default The "Contrast" issue


    how to increase the contrast in Nikon D60?

    Below i put my sample picture...

    1. low contrast / not sharp

    Model: NIKON D60
    Shutter Speed: 5/100 second
    F Number: F/3.5
    Focal Length: 18 mm
    ISO Speed: 100

    2. higher contrast / sharper (edited by using Photoshop)


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    Default Re: The "Contrast" issue

    I suggest you read your manual.

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    Default Re: The "Contrast" issue

    Read you camera owner manual, under set picture control.

    btw, using slow speed without proper support and large aperture are recipes of lack of sharpness.

    suggest reading: Photography Notes For Newbies
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    Dude... About the 2 issues...

    1. Contrast
    You should be able to adjust the contrast in the Picture Control segment of your Nikon D60 menu.

    2. Sharpness
    You shot the image at 1/20s. Was it handheld or badly supported? Because I think there may be hand-shake blur. I believe that took a toll on the overall sharpness of the image.

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    if you are familliar with photoshop... then shoot in RAW if you can and create the S curve in the tone curve. (pull the lights up and the shadows down)
    works for me every time.

    as for sharpness.. it has much more to do with how u took the photo.

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    my intrepetation of the colors. Colors can be fixed mostly but there is no solution for out of focus photos. try F/11 or F/16 for a "group" shot. F3.5 is more for a portrait shot imo.

    If you are trying to use lines as a guide, would be best if the line lead to the kid.

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    Default Re: The "Contrast" issue

    you using p mode ?
    in p mode at 18mm wide the cam will auto default aperture settings to f3.5

    maybe you could set exposure to +0.3 to +0.7 so that you will have a brighter background.
    for cooler effects, set your WB to +1 or +2.
    last of all, i hope your lens is the 18-55mm vr kit.
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    it's somewhere in your camera. I'll give a big hint: it's in the "shooting menu"

    btw, your initial photo looks underexposed, hence colour rendition wasn't so good. Oh and imho, your edited photo looks over-constrasty

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    Default Re: The "Contrast" issue

    Why not just do it during PP? You can control the amount of contrast, saturation, depending on what you want to achieve.


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