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Thread: lx3 zoom lever -> Loose??

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    Default lx3 zoom lever -> Loose??

    Hi guys just got my lx3 today...

    anyone have the issue where the zoom lever is a bit loose?

    Like normally when u flick the zoom lever left or right, it shd contact the spring immediately.

    for mine there is a small bit where it can just wiggle around with out contacting the spring...

    it wiggles from the 11.30 to 12 o clock position (assuming 12 o clock is the center).

    As a result, when zooming out, i need to wiggle to 11.30 position before the spring contacts... its very confusing as im not sure if zoom engage or not...

    anyone face this issue?

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    Default Re: lx3 zoom lever -> Loose??

    nvrmind changed for a new one so no more issue

    thread close


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