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Thread: iPhoto vs Picasa

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    Default iPhoto vs Picasa

    I just swtiched to a Mac and I am not liking very much how iPhoto manages photos - compared to Picasa, particularly after you have done some editing.

    Picasa is straight forward.
    1. It indexes your photos.
    2. When you edit it - it edits the photos on the original folder but automatically creates a 'Originals' subfolder and copies the original to that folder - so you always have a copy of it.

    The main downside is that once you are done with the edits, you have to click save and the saving process can take a while. iPhoto it seems is able to save it instantaneously.

    iPhoto v8 (from what i know)
    1. Imports the photos into a folder that is not a regular folder (you need to right click to show contents to bring it out).
    2. When you edit photos from a folder - it makes a copy of the modified folder and puts it into a 'modified' folder. The photos in yr original photos remain untouched.

    So for every set of shots - I now have TWO folders to move back and forth with - one Original and one Modified.

    This is troublesome because when I am selecting photos from OUTSIDE iPhoto say for uploading to Facebook or incorporation into Powerpoint - I have to toggle between both these folders.

    Is there anyway I can configure iPhoto to behave like Picasa? Google hasn't developed Picasa for a Mac yet...

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    Talking Re: iPhoto vs Picasa

    I just found the solution out myselt talking to a friend who uses iPhoto quite a bit.

    He suggests just selecting the photos that you want to put online and then use the Export Function. The iPhoto export function is not bad as it allows you to control a couple of other variables like batch resizing the photos.

    This works for me.


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