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    Hi All,

    Happy New Year!!!!

    I have just joined, as I want to have more info on photography as I am starting to have a keen interest in it. I wld need all of your advise or recommendation in getting a DSLR for starters. If any one got lobang for 2nd hand one also can...

    Thanks in advance!!!

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    what are your needs? do you have any budget?

    once you answer that, it will be easier to help, and you would have a more formulated, and consolidated idea of what you actually want out of the camera. this would go eons in the way of deciding what to buy eventually.

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    Hi welcome to CS , look in the Buy/Sell thread then you can see which one you like and your budget
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    Welcome to CS

    READ MORE (Understand the choices better)
    SHOOT more (once you get your cam)
    Post more (once you know your cam better and need critique)
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    There are plenty of good deals in the Buy/Sell section. Do peek around.
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    Thanks to all for your warm reception!!!

    I will browse thru the buy/sell section...


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