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Thread: Blur, soft or off focus?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sk2004 View Post
    Thanks, I convert the pic from Raw to JPEG using Canon software "Digital Photo Professional", even though I selected the format option as "EXIF-JPG", it seems that the EXIF is not exported out. Am looking out for some other tools that can do that beside Photoshop
    I'm not familiar with all versions of Photoshop. But the option "Save for Web" should do the trick. In CS4 you can even select which data to keep. Also, check the settings in flickr.
    Just checked with the recent version of DPP and it works as well: "Convert and save as" - "EXIF-JPG".

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    Default Re: Blur, soft or off focus?

    softness of the lens.

    Use photoshop unsharp mask to sharpen the pic.

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    Default Re: Blur, soft or off focus?

    Can't really evaluate with a low resolution pic. But my vote is softness at full aperture - front wand is bokeh'ed, bg is bokeh'ed, ears already starting to bokeh out. Your kid is seemingly in the focus zone, eyes and nose seems to be in focus.

    HNY peeps!

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