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    Got credit me or not? :P HAHAH :P

    Just joking. Feel free to MSN/pm me if you all need assistance for this. Am glad to see some formal guidelines actually being done here and I guess members will be waiting to see it. Hope it is not too stifling though, and without too many rules/reg which actualy harm photographers here. Must have the photographers interests first and foremost, other groups interests should be subordinate to it since we are a photography based forum

    Quote Originally Posted by Darren View Post
    We will add in the note by vince123123 to the guidelines for the Photoshoot Organisers, and appreciate if members can self-moderate by reporting missing credits using the Post Reporting function.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Headshotzx View Post
    So, after that, you can tell I was pretty pissed. A teacher and good friend of mine (also a fellow clubsnapper) asked me to shoot for our graduation night dinner. Here's the terms and conditions i printed.
    With the internet age upon us, I can't help but shake my head when people copy my stuff and upload the photo onto their facebook / blogger without my permission or credit, just because "they are in the picture".
    I've done the same before: proposed terms and conditions, even get people to agree, but whether or not they follow is another thing. They can actually come back and say something along the lines of "Oh I thought the photo was by another photographer" while they credited it to a different third photographer entirely... And I know they stored the photos under separate folders with each photographer's name on it (or at least they did at first).

    Plus there are always others willing to shoot for free, and without any terms and conditions. I get the feeling of "If they can do it, why can't you?", "Why are you being so troublesome / fussy?" or "Why can't I have copyright (and sell) the photos that you give me when the other photographer who shot for similar organisations gave them these rights?"

    Honestly, I've come to the conclusion that it's just not worth all the headache. Now I don't do it unless I'm willing for the photos to be printed on items, go all over the net with no credit, credited to some other photographer, or worse, they mangle the photos really horribly and then put my name on it. I do appreciate that they want to credit me, but in such cases, I don't really want to have my name next to the photos.

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