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    Default fuji slide

    noticed most slide users use provia and velvia. what about sensia?
    been using elitechrome and provia for some time.
    any1 can tell me the difference between the 3 fuji slides?
    read the slides comparison chart but didnt understand.
    thot might be better to ask actual users here...
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    sensia is not pro film :P some guys here want to looks cool and justified as pro by using the so called Provia heehee.

    Me actually prefer Kodak RBX since it is not a fussy film. Can just dump it inside my camera bag without worrying about storing inside the fridge.

    But considering the price of bulk roll film sold by Dagger, for example...well... choice is yours

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    I am non pro, I am a "Full Time" Sensia 100 user. Part time Velvia 50, Part time Sensia 400

    I don't use Sensia 200 at all.

    Here's my impression of the three slide films

    Velvia 50, very bright, saturated, too nice to be true color. Beautiful, but not for my taste. I turn out to be orange color in my own film

    Sensia 400, Fast, grain is not really bad. But it will have a very strong blue cast if you underexpose by as little as 1/2 stop. Unless you need the speed, its no no to this film.

    Sensia 100, Built in warm cast. If you use polarisor, this film is a god send. The warm cast sort of eliminate the slight blue cast from the polarisor. Color is saturated, but not as "KEI" as velvia. You can still take portraits for your friend, but remember not to add any warming filters. BTW, I also "Can just dump it inside my camera bag without worrying about storing inside the fridge."

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    what about provia?
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