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Thread: Hi all... Could use some help in deciding =)

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    Default Hi all... Could use some help in deciding =)

    Hi all, I am new to photography and my point and shoot camera - consider more of a budget camera with manual controls have gone to heaven...

    Therefore, I am looking at a new camera, hopefully an upgrade to either a prosumer or maybe a dslr but I am more for a prosumer to learn for now.

    I have been looking for very long at panasonic lx3, but the lack of a zoom makes me wonder whether it will be enough for me.
    Therefore I looked at the Pan FZ28 and Canon SX10 for the zoom factors...
    However the picture quality like not good enough for those other camera...

    I am looking towards taking photos when I go on a trek, and day to day use so the camera should be pocketable and able to withstand temperatures that are negative.
    I think the most common photos would be landscape, group photos, macros and some day to day use.

    Thanks in advance to everyone who could tell me which to choose!! Thanks a lot...
    They are roughly the same price and all will fit my budget =)


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    Default Re: Hi all... Could use some help in deciding =)

    If you want a compact cam with good zoom, you may want to check out the Sony H10.
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    Default Re: Hi all... Could use some help in deciding =)

    H10 or LX3 is great cam. Great range but do you need it?

    If you're up for better controls I would suggest DSLR instead. With the DSLR, you can really learn if this is in fact what you want. Personally, I find controls on the DSLR is easier compared to the prosumer (unless you're talking about setting to auto).

    DSLR prices has dipped significantly and it makes perfect sense for you to invest in one rather than a prosumer now and DSLR later. 2nd hand DSLR are a good way to go if you're on a budget.

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    Default Re: Hi all... Could use some help in deciding =)

    why H10 and not pana FX series and canon SX10????...
    wad about h50? good?


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