My friend passed me some camera accessories which I know next to nothing about hence I hope you folks can pass me some advice. I am a beginner Nikon SLR user and so far, I've never gone into the realm of flash and wide angle lens.

1) GroBatig wide angle AF lens 0.45x 46mm.
MyD50 uses 52mm thread so this is definitely out. Is there anyway to adapt this for use on my D50? Also, is this a common lens that people buy and how does this rank among similar converter wideangle lens? I am hoping to sell it cheap to those who have a use for it if it is not worth the money buying accessories to adapt it for use on my nikon.

2) Suntax 132 TTL flash for minolta dynax 7000i
I am quite clueless on flash units. Again my question is whether this flash unit is much used amongst local photographers.

3) Can I know if there are any 2ndhand shops that may want to take in these items (besides cashconverters)?