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Thread: The chemistry of photoshoots

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    I was trolling through flickr & found this link ~ thought it might be interesting for some folks ...

    Here's the intro:

    I was recently on a shoot with a friend of mine who is relatively new to photography. In fact this was his first official paid shoot. I originally signed on to be an assistant, but in the end he ended up depending on me for pretty much everything (lighting, posing, framing, etc).

    This got me thinking about how a lot of people take lots of time to learn how to MAKE great photos, but when it comes time to actually go on the assignment they have no clue what to do. I think this is too common, unfortunately. And it doesn't encourage repeat customers as usually the shoots doing go too well. Managing a photoshoot is no simple task for someone who has never done it before and it is often just an after thought, almost in panic mode after arriving on location.

    So, I decided to start a small series of blog posts dealing with some of the basics of a photoshoot. A lot of this stuff may be 2nd nature to some of you seasoned pros, but for some of the beginners I think it will be good information to have in the back of your head. Most of the advice given comes from hard lessons learned so I hope it will save someone from having to go through those bad experiences.


    Happy Xmas every one!

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    Thanks for sharing.


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