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Thread: Guys beware!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by fotoudavid View Post
    what bank? Cos some banks will actually close account if bounce many times, can some one double comfirm?
    after 3 bounced cheques...account is normally closed....

    however...he still gets to keep the cheque book...
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    Quote Originally Posted by ninelives View Post
    attention seeker thread???
    I don't think this is an attention seeker thread. I would like to think the TS is big enough to admit that he was con and to warn the rest of us of an unscrupulous person in CS. If the information provided can even prevent another CS member from being similarly con, it is well worth it.

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    i think we should just expose this person with his nick and hp number if possible.

    best is show a scanned copy of police report to warn people.

    and at the sametime, feel lucky that it's only $60 dollar you lost. not $6000...

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    Intentionally issuing a cheque which will bounce may disclose a criminal offence. If you want to take further action, let me know.

    What I do not understand is why you are not willing to post his full identification details. Full name, car plate, hp number, name of bank, name of person on cheque etc.

    Quote Originally Posted by curly87 View Post
    hey guys,

    there is this guy who might be going around buying things... then last min tell you his ATM card got problem still waiting for bank to send new card so he say can he issue you cash cheque or not..... BEWARE!!

    i kana =(

    i din wanna not trust ppl so i took the cash cheque...

    name on it is R*on Tan.

    Bank name is start with O 4 letter word.....

    apparently from what i can understand from the bank is not the first case already with this guy.

    Account no $$ etc...

    he should be someone on Clubsnap..

    hey IF YOU SEE THIS!!! please lor... i good enough to trust you then you still cheat.

    anyway... what advice would you guys give me to track him down and get the money back? (its only $60 btw but still money)

    he drives a black honda fit/jazz


    ass of a person... so poor no $$ then dun buy la....

    oh well...

    just to let you guys know.....
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    Its illegal in SG for someone to issue a cheque to another party knowing that it will bounce. Should take action to trace that scammer down. Rather dumb scam IMHO, he ought to be punished.
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