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Thread: Some advice needed!

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    Default Some advice needed!

    Firstly, merry christmas eve to all of you.

    I'm considering an all-in-one lens, like maybe covering a range from 18-200+mm? Third-party lenses are cheaper I suppose? What are some of the favorites (i'm not really looking at the latest models or with vibration reduction etc). Budget is a prime factor, so any recommendation?

    I was thinking of the Tamron AF28-300mm VC Di, but it seems like its having a skeptical general feedback?

    I'm currently using Nikkor 18-55mm VR DX, 55-200 DX lenses on a D60, so it needs to have a in-built motor. Do share some insights on this! Thanks.

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    Default Re: Some advice needed!

    stick with your current lenses
    they are not very heavy and quality is ok


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