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Thread: Kids and adults love them..

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    Can't get a direct shot at the mouse and at this angle, I saw this...... Really need advise one this. What is the best way to compose such a picture? Wanna improve in composing....

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    You'll want to compose by being slightly mysterious about the scene, don't give the entire game away. The objective isn't to have viewers stumped at your 'abstraction' but to have them linger a second longer on an otherwise normal subject matter. It's a method used in photojournalism, often used in much more dramatic scenes than Micky Mouse of course. Weddings too have a usage, they're quite big on reflections and mirrors.

    Let's divide the image into A (top), B (middle), C (bottom). Very simply the variations possible are AB, BC, or just B. I love how B looks, like an old movie projection, but the love stops there personally. Cos I find it hard myself to find a worthy composition when looking at such a scene in everyday Singapore. It's a good awareness skill overall.

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    personally,i think it would be better in this shot,if only the middle portion and top portion are shown,since your title is kids and adults love them,the top shows kids watching,and i can only assume the adults are too,but the bottom portion,there don't seem to be much interest,let alone love for mickey,but well,try try try again,my 2 cents
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    Like this?

    Is this better?

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    i'd have preferred the first picture to be cropped because there were more people in the first picture.
    the second one has nicer composition to me but there are less people, which makes it seem quite empty.


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