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Thread: Which focus mode for indoor parties?

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    Default Which focus mode for indoor parties?

    Tmr my office will have party.

    I duno which AF mode to use.

    My D90 got AF-A, AF-S, AF-C, 3D tracking, etc.

    So complicated. No time to read manual liao... got to do other things now.

    Hopefully by tmr morning can get some advice for the common setting for parties.

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    Default Re: Which focus mode for indoor parties?

    i tink AF-S is enuf lei..coz u don nd the continuous focus rite? its a party, not an F1 race... but if say u shooting kids running around, sumting continuous like AF-C la... im not a nikon user, so nt sure hw useful 3D tracking is in this situation...
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    Default Re: Which focus mode for indoor parties?

    If you're unsure, just stick to AF-S. It's the easiest to understand, IMO.

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    Default Re: Which focus mode for indoor parties?

    3D Mode. Your focus will lock on the subject and track the subject as move nearer or further away from the camera.

    In AF-S, the D90 focuses once, and locks until you let go of the shutter and press it again.

    In AF-C, the D90 constantly tracks focus as your subject moves in and out.

    AF-A is the default setting and automatically selects the correct mode for each shot.

    For me, parties usually have to be the director and tell people how to pose. Only when games start then will do spontaneous shots.
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