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    Found this photo in my old archive and decided to do some editing.
    Tweaked the channel mixer in photoshop cs2 to give out a warmer colour in the sky. (originally the photo had a nasty blue tinge)
    Is the editing overly done?
    What kind of feeling does it convey to you after you have seen it?
    Pardon the amount of noise because this is taken with a K800i, and I couldn't tweak the channel mixer without bringing out the noise as well.

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    yeah, looks a little too warm for me to be honest. not sure about the other photographers

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    Doesn't seems like a good angle to shoot the Merlion.

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    1) colours too warm. Tone down abit.

    2) Merlion shud be more to the right.

    3) Angle to see more of the face.

    4) Itd be ideal if u could see the end of the water stream foaming at the bottom...
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    hello my junior :P haha your previous shots have impressed me more. Hahaha. Did the NMA get the Tamron 17-50? cos i thought i saw it when i went back to get my results.

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    the palette is too much on the red side, have you calibrated your monitor?

    the angle can work, but you have chosen to put this too close to the centre, the right side of the picture only serves to distract. you can always crop it off.

    other than that, it is a decent picture for a camera phone shot, keeping that in mind, but it is by no means a stunner. the merlion is hard to shoot because every tom, dick and harry has been there, (at least the toms, dicks and harries into photography).. so you really need to produce something different, be it because of great complementary lighting, or a fresh angle. here you have not done the latter, and neither is the former present. so..

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    Talking about something special, once I saw a guy half submerge in the water to get a frontal view of the Merlion. Was wondering how he get into the water or did that shot win him any award or prizes ? Well, sometimes photographer can do things out of the ordinary.

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    The 17-50 did not belong to NMA...
    Its the camerawomen's personal lens

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    To me the colours are fine, just don't like the back ground showing IR constructions (though very small)

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    1. Far too much red in the picture.

    2. The composition is unflattering.

    3. Why shoot the back profile of the Merlion?

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    imo, though the colors are warm, i think they look v pretty.
    i tot maybe a better angle can be used to take the merlion haha..

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    If the aim is not realism, then I find the colors a non-issue. Since you were at it, you could have gone on and cloned out the cranes in the background.

    And the angle of the Merlion is unique, not the boring side or front views normally seen.


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