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Thread: How to do a lens test?

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    Default How to do a lens test?

    OK guys,

    I got new lens (and may be getting another) and would like to know the correct method to comparing them. Actually, they can't be compared because they are so different but would like to know what sort of settings I should adjust to compare them properly. I guess it would be like as followed :

    1. Pick a good subject with a distant background, I think this would separate the subject from its surroundings a lot better.

    2. Adjust the f stops for each lens, keep the ISO levels the same (not auto), shutter speed the same and focal length the same. Should I be using A priority settings?

    3. Sample size should be original or reduced?

    4. Use 100% cropping to compare different areas on the sample (top left right, bottom left right, centre)

    5. Low light shooting.

    Now that I think about it, that's a lot of work!
    Enlighten me...

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    Default Re: How to do a lens test?

    What's ur purpose of testing ur lenses? If you want to find out whether you have bought a good copy, you should compare with other sources (online lens reviews or with your friends).

    If you want to compare it with your other lens, it would be better test it in the same environment, with a constant light source (under the sun, ur results may varies).
    Use a tripod so that you can set ur ISO to 100,
    Shoot in Aperture Priority,
    Use a timer, zoom length.
    If you want to test for sharpness, u can newspaper as ur subject. Clip it on a board or pin it onto your wall.

    please correct me if i'm wrong

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    Default Re: How to do a lens test?

    Which aspect of the lenses do you want to compare?

    Which lenses are you talking about?

    You know you can't really compare an apple and a pear.
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