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Like to seek your opinion about this email we received from one of the members of CS.

There is this person whom do not reveal who his is and exact details but just initial as M*** that he is looking for a model for a 'client' to shoot together with 5 of his sports cars. He also claimed that he is a son one of hotel owners.

The above is fine but the funny thing is that we are not allowed to escort the model to the meet point to meet up with this 'client' of his and is only a 1 on 1 shoot at 12 midnight for 3 to 4 hours. The best part is that he can't even be there as well and claimed that he is not in town.

We do not know the actual venue of the shoot as well.

First he came in with Race Queen wear and then with lingerie and sexy dresses towards the eve of the day of shoot. He also kept on saying that the model got to be daring to pose and 'open'.

Am I been sensitive or it is a very normal thing to expect for a night shoot?
Don't bother... his terms are not safe for the model. The safety of the model comes first, everything else is secondary. I don't care if he is the son of who.... no point name dropping here. You should say no straight away.