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Thread: Spyder 2 express with external monitor questions

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    Default Spyder 2 express with external monitor questions

    I know S2E is not compatible with multiple monitors. However, I use my laptop with an external LCD and the onboard LCD as well.

    I calibrated the laptop LCD with the external monitor still plugged in. Does the S2E work in such a scenario? I'm not expecting to be able to calibrate the external monitor as well, just want to know if I can calibrate the laptop screen in this case.

    Not sure if this is good or bad, but both screen look different. Obviously, I do my photo editing on the "calibrated" side.

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    let me answer my own questions.

    it seems like I can calibrate one screen, be it the laptop or external LCD. but only one side. the other side will be adjusted also, but it will be somewhat off.

    important thing to note for tech goons like me. u can only calibrate ur default "side". Initially, the spyder program would only open on my laptop screen. it cannot be dragged to the other side.

    as my laptop screen is dying, i decided to try to shift all my operations to the external monitor.

    1. disable laptop screen. I had to use the default display software to do this, somehow, my laptop registers both displays as a large extended desktop.

    2. now that the external screen is a "default display", re-enable the laptop side. now, all the icons and start menu are on the external display.

    3. open spyder. the program now opens on the external monitor. calibrate from there.

    damn shiok now, cos my external monitor has better colour than my acer laptop screen. normally, when i use PS, i shift all the controls to the external monitor and leave the image on the laptop. now, i'll reverse this setup.

    i guess no need for me to close this thread, as there is no OT (and indeed, not even a reply from anyone else). hope other spyder newbies find my learning journey helpful


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