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    Thinking of getting into some serious macro photography. The CP990 was great for this, but I would like to try it with the D30 as well.

    I'm eyeing the Sigma 105mm EX Macro and the Vivitar 5000 ring flash. Perhaps throw in a set of extension tubes (Kenko?).

    Any advice / suggestions / opinions?


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    i only have the canon 100mm USM macro and i LOVE it
    no regrets so far

    it use it to shoot products and they came out better than 50mm 1.8

    look at
    they are taken with the macro, wide angle lens or normal lens

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    Personally tried the Sigma 105mm f2.8 Macro on a D30. Focussing is rather slow (think most macro lenses are like that, as they have a rather long focussing throw). Images are still with Red Dawn, if he has not already deleted them....

    As for extension tubes, since they are hollow, I think it doesn't really matter which one you get. It is not going to affect image quality. The Teleplus ones should be okay.


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    check this out
    taking macro shots using a macro lens + extension tube will result in having shallow DOF .. you need to use f/16 to f/22.

    there is another better to take macro shot is to use a zoom lens + closeup lens like Nikon 6T / Canon 250D / 500D .... you will have better DOF compare to the above ...

    click here to read more
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    No you don't.

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    ur depth of field is inversely proportional to the magnification of ur suject and aperture used

    greater magnification, shallower DOF

    it has nothing to do with the type of equipement used

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    Default Canon 100/2.8 USM macro.

    I tried the 100/2.8 USM last yr when a friend bought one. Optics - its the best lens I have ever used. I shot with Canon L and Nikkor ED lenses but this one is superb. AF is very fast. Can use for macro shooting also.


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