Website Lessons Explain, Explore And Excite With Focus On Camera Features And Photo Techniques

The web-based lessons are being created for Canon by photo columnist Rick Sammon.
The initial ten lessons - debuting at on September 15, 2003 - offer an overview of digital photography and the EOS Digital Rebel as well as a step-by-step tutorial on the camera's various settings and how they are best utilized.
The site also provides easy to follow photo-taking tips that will help users optimize their results when shooting people, creative landscapes and scenics, action and sporting events, travel pictures, candid city chronicles and even the lowlight challenge of nighttime photography.
With new lessons added each month, users are encouraged to return to the site over and over to learn new tips, glean new techniques and assimilate new skill sets.

Subject areas covered by Rick Sammon in the first ten lessons are:

1. New to Digital SLR Photography?

2. Setting Your Camera for Great Shots

3. Exploring the Digital Rebel's Exposure Modes

4. Focus on Autofocusing

5. Picturing People

6. Creative Landscape Photography

7. Photographing Action

8. A Day in the City with Your Digital Reel

9. Traveling with your Digital SLR

10. Nighttime Photography

Canon will actively promote the website lessons in packaging and advertising for the new EOS Digital Rebel Camera and EOS Digital Rebel Camera kit. Canon homepages will also carry hotlinks to the lessons page, providing easy access and seamless transitions from site to site.