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Thread: Recommend a place to stay @ Lorne - Melbourne (Great Ocean Rd)

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    Default Recommend a place to stay @ Lorne - Melbourne (Great Ocean Rd)

    Hi all,

    Will be dropping by the place nxt year jan.. so need to do some planning in advance first... does anyone have any hotel or self contained apartment recommendations to stay @ Lorne? Its for a 2 person stay so dun need a huge plc

    Lorne Hotel? The Sandridge? Phoenix Apartments & Kosta's Restaurant? Preferably near to the town centre/beach..

    Also what sorta activities can be planned in Lorne? Sea Sports.. Walk? Cycling? Of course my main purpose of going is for photography! heheheh

    Thanks in advance !

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    Hi, when my colleague went to Lorne he stayed at the Comfort Inn and he says it's highly recommended. It's conveniently located. Rooms are between AUD $100-$170. The addy is below:

    Comfort Inn Lorne Main Beach
    3 Bay Street Lorne VC AU
    Tel: (61) 3 5289 1199
    Reservation: 1-800-228-5150
    FAX: (61) 3 5289 1690

    Hope this helps!!



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