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    Hi all.

    Went to turkey for some assignment and during one of my rest day, decided to grab my Canon 40D and 10-22mm lens for some photos. Took a few pictures and this is by far one of my favourite. It just give me the feeling of calmness away from the busy schedule that awaits me in Singapore . Here goes...

    Do give me sone comments with regards to the composition, PP as well as the cropping or any area that need to be improved and be nice . Thanks alot.

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    i feel that the is no breathing space at the top of your pic at all. And perhaps wait a little while for the white cloud hanging above the building in the background to move away. Now looks like the dome is a chimmey with smoke coming out.
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    a very nice scene, but like nigel84 has pointed out, the top is so tight that the building feels constricted.

    the horizon seems out of whack here, but that is not really that important, looks like the verticals are right so i suppose it must be horizontal perspective distortion.

    exposing this by half a stop more would have helped to prevent the colors from looking so murky and a wee bit oversaturated.

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    Saturated colours : issit only me or my eyes that I've seen strong saturated colours of the sky and sea ONLY when we're out of Sg? Hehehe...

    1- Perhaps could be done a vertical shot, the low metal railings may provide a good leading line towards the building; and that the building may have more room on top.
    2- The 20% space you have now, could have been replaced with 20% space at the top.
    3- Missing clouds - could have enhanced the photo, oh well, we cant ask for a cloud to appear out of nowhere hehehe...
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    Very nice weather, hard to get this type of blue sky in Singapore, did you do any vertical shot, it will include the full vertical stack without cutting off. I think that is a mosque.

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    I was hoping for more clouds to appear but unfortunately not that time though. I do agree that a vertical shot would cater for some room to breathe at the top but with less clouds it will not differ much unless i guide the metal railing towards the mosque. Anyway, appreciate the inputs from you guys. More input please.
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    Love the colors

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    Quote Originally Posted by rainwhisper View Post
    Love the colors
    Hey thanks for bringing that up dude.
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    IMHO, if u wanna compose, the pic, u can crop the left side of the railings slightly. Also to perfect things, u can clone away the overhead wires on the left

    btw nice colours, but may abit too oversaturated. I understand the skies in turkey is that blue, coz i been to turkey and had the same shot as u b4 ( the boats were in the same location)

    overall, nice shot
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