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Thread: P4- 2.4ghz hyperthreading system for sale

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    Default P4- 2.4ghz hyperthreading system for sale

    i have a P4 2.4ghz hyperthread to sell

    -80gb SATA harddisk with cooler
    -Asus Mobo which supports PAT
    -512 DDR 400mhz specially for hyperthread machine
    -32mb G-force2 mx400
    -windows XP home (original)
    -philips monior 107P (aperture grill type, for proffesional graphic editing use)
    -Special speaker that attaches to the monitor at the base. Compact!
    -Wireless keyboard and mouse

    Want to sell at around $1200

    Reason to sell : i have got a laptop to replace

    Age : 1month Plus. Still go receipt and warrenty

    contact 98563972 to discuss

    Mr song

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    Any buyer to call or sms me to discuss further?


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