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    Was wondering if your friend is overseas and you try dialing your friend's mobile number. Is there a possibility of hearing a local dialing tone or overseas dialing tone ring?
    I tried calling my friend when he was there for work basis, the dial tone was overseas. Tried calling my another guy on business trip at Macau, it turns out to be a local dialing tone.

    Is there possibility of someone being overseas with a local dialing tone.

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    My own observation, Singapore, Macau and Hong Kong uses the same familiar dialing tone.

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    use those telco music ringtone and nobody knows where you are...

    i'm contemplating to put some other countries' ringtone to deter telemarketers
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    Quote Originally Posted by linannabelle View Post
    Is there possibility of someone being overseas with a local dialing tone.
    Yes. Especially, when using services like this:

    Since the mobile has been diverted to a local number.

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    but...if u were to call a local number and if he/she is overseas...u can already hear a different dialling tone mah...can't be so "chao he-lang" (deaf) right?

    I always hang my phone up when I hear the overseas dialling tone of my intended party...
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    I got a friend who always never give up calling me eventhough he hears the foreign ringtone. When I tried rejecting the call, he will call again.

    Then, when I answer the call, he will go, " eh .. you are overseas now ah?"

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    Hmmm.... That's really bad. At times I wished that I head over to places like Japan or even Korea that needs CDMA services so that I can be uncontactable at times.


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