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Thread: Ballhead prices go upwards.

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    Default Ballhead prices go upwards.

    for $55, you get the Benro BH-00 so what kind of benefits compared can one get now as the prices go up?

    just thinking at certain price points which would be the best performance for the money.
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    Default Re: Ballhead prices go upwards.

    Hi Reportage

    Some of the pricier ballheads have higher load to weight ratio, and can be pretty lightweight.
    The better ones are more rock solid and do not creep loose easily once you tightened the knob, and are blessed with very smooth ball movement ( which you will have to compare with the higher end ballheads like the Arca Swiss for example to "feel" the difference ).

    While creeping can be a nasty problem in composition and stability, I would not loose too much sleep over a ball having less than a pleasurable silky ball movement ( but once you used one you might just be addicted ) .


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    Default Re: Ballhead prices go upwards.

    The pricier ballheads come with tension control which is useful when you are working with a heavier setup. You can adjust your setup with a certain degree of precision but not loosing control which might topple the entire setup should you loose the grip.

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    Default Re: Ballhead prices go upwards.

    yeah. ball heads are usually $400 and above, think markins, kirk, rrs. cheaper ones are more aptly called ball-clamps.
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