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Thread: [Studiospace] Product Photography Workshop: Cocktail (31st January 2009, SATURDAY]

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    Default [Studiospace] Product Photography Workshop: Cocktail (31st January 2009, SATURDAY]

    Product Photography Workshop
    Have you ever wonder how those beautiful shots of cocktails and glassware as seen in magazines and promotional medium is done? Why is the pictures of these drinks always looked so tempting and begged to have a sip at?

    STUDIOSPACE is proud to present our first in the series of Product Photography Workshop: Cocktail.

    This is a photography workshop which Cocktail Drinks is the highlight and various famous cocktail drinks will be showcased.

    You have always been hearing about cocktails, and perhaps have drank quite a few glasses yourself, but have you ever wondered,

    ~ How is it concocted? What are the ingredients involved?
    ~ What are the styling needed to make these drinks looked good visually?
    ~ Why does cocktails looked so tempting on magazines and prints?
    ~ Why are the photos shot in this way and not another way?

    You will find out all these in the workshop. All attendees will be shown the process of making and documenting these visually pleasing and tasty drinks. All will have a portfolio of their own at the end of the workshop.

    Who should attend "Product Photography Workshop: Cocktail"?
    This workshop will introduce photographers to cocktail and glassware photography. Anyone interested in trying out product photography is welcomed to join us for the fun and enjoyment.

    So, how is it done?
    The course will be conducted in a interactive manner, whereby attendees will interact with the instructor and fellow attendees. There will be practical hands-on session. All course materials and necessary equipement will be provided.

    A professional bartender will be engaged to prepare and concoct all the cocktail drinks needed for the practical hands-on.

    All cocktail drinks will be prepared according to the recipe strictly. One of the highlights is a little drink that put Singapore into the international limelight, the SINGAPORE SLING. Other examples are Olive Martini, Lychee Martini, Pina Colada, Kamikaze, Freak Me Not, just to name a few that will be showcased.

    What does it take to enjoy the session?
    An open and learning mind, a heart for fun learning moments, and a SLR/DSLR to record the learning.

    Fees includes the professional service of the bartender, the condiments and the ingredients for making the cocktail. There is no other hidden charges and costs!

    This workshop, however, is STRICTLY for attendees of at least EIGHTEEN (18) YEARS OF AGE as at the date of the workshop.

    Also, attendees should have a basic understanding of studio lighting and studio photography to fully appreciate and enjoy the session.

    Course Outline
    (1) Introduction to basic lightings used in product photography
    (2) Equipment and it's handling for product photography
    (3) Importance of product styling
    (4) Lighting styles for cocktail and glassware
    (5) Cocktail: History
    (6) Cocktail: Concoction and Recipes
    (7) Practical hands-on
    (8) Q&A

    Part #1 : 10.00 am to 12.00 pm
    Lunchbreak : 12.00 pm to 1.30 pm
    Part #2 : 1.30 pm to 5.00 pm

    Details as follows:
    Date : 31st January 2009, Saturday
    Time : 10.00 am to 5.00 pm (7 hours, with 1.5hour lunch break)
    Location : STUDIO
    Level : Beginners and all
    Refreshment : Refreshment will be served
    Course materials : Provided
    No. of attendees : 6 (min to start is 5)
    Price : $95

    We will only start the class when the mininum pax is met.

    Do not hesitate, take the step into the bigger world of photography.

    Booking Instructions:
    1. Kindly PM, sms (9645-6423) or email me with your name and mobile number to register,
    2. Payment details will then be sent to you via SMS,
    3. Shoot details will be sent to you via SMS after payment is made,
    4. My email :
    5. All bookings can be done online via

    This is another photographic experience brought to you by SYKESTANG in conjunction with STUDIOSPACE.

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    Default Re: [Studiospace] Product Photography Workshop: Cocktail (31st January 2009, SATURDAY

    31st January 2009, Saturday, 10.00am - 5.00pm (7 hours)

    Slots still available for this session!

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    Default Re: [Studiospace] Product Photography Workshop: Cocktail (31st January 2009, SATURDAY

    31st January 2009, Saturday, 10.00am - 5.00pm (7 hours)
    1. Nic (via sms)

    Slots still available for this session!


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