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Thread: d80 giving black photos

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    Default d80 giving black photos

    hi guys,

    i'm new to dslr.

    pardon my question if it is too newbie.

    qns: I took some photo indoor and the outcome is a total black photo. i used the P and M mode. But when i switch to auto, it works. This happens only in indoor when the light is kinda dim.

    can someone please give me advices? thank you and have a nice day.

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    Default Re: d80 giving black photos

    What were your settings when you were in P and M mode?

    Shutter Speed?

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    Default Re: d80 giving black photos

    It's normal. Do read up the manual on what is the p and m mode and how it works. It's not just pressing the trigger button and job's done.

    also do refer to the articles here if there're terms which you might nt understand that's written in the manual.

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    Default Re: d80 giving black photos

    where are the articles? thanks alot

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    Default Re: d80 giving black photos

    Lighting condition in INDOOR is not sufficient to make decent exposure, ask this type of questions here may not get help systematically.. as nobody able to answer each questions one by one

    suggest you go library to get basic digital photography books to read, you will understand more, if you find it is too hard or troublesome.

    than stick to auto.

    auto as in everything auto, ISO auto, speed auto, aperture auto

    p mode is ISO manual, speed auto, aperture auto

    manual mode as in everything manual.
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    Default Re: d80 giving black photos

    Quote Originally Posted by ytbryan View Post
    where are the articles? thanks alot
    No. 1:

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    Default Re: d80 giving black photos

    ok. i misread buggy's reply.

    thanks alot everybody.

    have a great day ahead.


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