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i have included the raffles city and x-mas lighting thingy because :

1) singapore was founded by raffles, ie, show it is singapore.

2) raffles city shopping mall is quite well known mall in singapore, can find their advertisement in flyers / brochuers of singapore places of attraction, which promote singapore as a shopping paradise. so helps me to show that we are busy with festive shopping.

i took many shots, it is difficult to capture the correct timing where people dont block the SA, else they also end up blur.
When DCA said "its too fake" I guess it sums up the the picture.
With your explanation above, I feel that there's too much info, rather than having us to focus on the SA. Could have either get the shot up close, with the crowd behind it, or getting that one perfect shot of the SA in the distance between the walking crowd. Not easy, cos we all know Sg ppl walk damn fast! Hehe