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Thread: Ball heads -- why so many QR plates?

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    Default Ball heads -- why so many QR plates?

    Is there really a difference with the plate used?

    For instance a few sites have Arca-Swiss style QR plates for their heads, but recommend different plates for different cameras, and even different plates for lenses with tripod collars.

    Can't one plate do the lot? Especially if it's mounting into an identical mount on the ballhead?


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    Default Re: Ball heads -- why so many QR plates?

    Longer lens plates need for larger lenses? You get better balance with a longer plate for the heavier lenses with a longer foot. Some of the camera plates are pretty well fitted for specific body dimensions and reduces rotation as well

    Some smaller ones has an anti-twist flange, while other longer ones may have more screws to lock


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    Default Re: Ball heads -- why so many QR plates?

    Ah, cheers, makes sense.

    I should be able to cope with just the one plate then, as I use a macro positioning plate which would increase the 'foot' dimensions.

    Thanks for the reply.


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