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Thread: Where can i get LARGE DISPLAY countdown timer?

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    Default Where can i get LARGE DISPLAY countdown timer?

    hi, hope to get a LARGE DISPLAY LCD Countdown timer...

    one that has a stand to stand up by itself..

    by large i mean maybe 10cm by 5 cm? with large numbers.

    I realise i am wasting a lot of time doing stupid stuff like constantly surfing CLUBSNAP and other forums! I want to limit internet usage..

    So i hope to put the timer on top of my monitor, and 30:00:00 START!

    then after 30 min i must stop using and study.

    Anyone noe where i can get one? or if there is even such a thing?


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    there was a program called AEXIT that will force a user logout or shutdown your computer at a designated time.

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    hmm cool ! thanks!

    but any idea where to get a digital display clock?

    incase i use it for watching TV or other non computer related stuff....

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    haha. u can just use an alarm clock rite? anyway, try ikea.

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    wah ouch......why not get a nice watch? then you can make it beep when you need to leave and also it's a damn good acessory to know those high tech gadgety ones taht has a gazillion functions in one?


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